Which Sex Dolls Are The Best Most Realistic Ones?

Which Sex Dolls Are The Best Most Realistic Ones?

Welcome to BestRealisticSexDolls.com. I created this site to make finding the best sex doll for you easier than ever. With thousands to choose from, how do you know which one is truly the best? There are so many silicone sex doll websites, so many manufacturers, and so many more coming on the scene every day. So do you really know which ones are the best and which ones should be avoided at all costs? Not many people leave reviews of their sex doll online, so I decided to create Best Realistic Sex Dolls to showcase which ones truly are the best and which ones are the worst.

About Me

I bought my first sex doll back in 2011 because my wife NEVER wanted to have sex. I was so incredibly attracted to her, but sex was always the last thing on her mind. My friends used to joke that I married a plant in that if she could have reproduced on her own, she would have. The only time she ever seemed a little randy was when she was ovulating…once a month! And if the day she was ovulating wasn’t PERFECT, then you could bet there was going to be zero sex that night. I went months without sex some times and it drove me up the wall!

I could have cheated on my wife, but I decided to stay faithful and simply get a sex doll to appease my needs. Best decision I ever made. The less I pressured her for sex, the happier she was. Happy wife, happy life, right?

So, the belief that only sick perverts buy real sex dolls is false. They are becoming more and more main stream and some are even coming out with artificial intelligence in them. I’ll be writing all about that in the coming weeks as well as sharing with you the best sex dolls on the market and why they’re so great.

Stay tuned!