Best Sex Doll For Under $1000

Best Sex Doll For Under $1000

Hey Guys,
After 3 months of testing, I’m finally ready to share the best sex doll for under $1000. This is by far the best investment you’ll ever make!

$999 Sex Doll:
Best Lube For Your Silicone Love Doll:
Best Heater Blanket For Your Sex Doll:
Best Vibrator For Your Realistic Doll:

As you know from reading my earlier post on the best sex dolls sunder $500, the first doll I ever bought was the SexFlesh Amazing Amanda Lifelike Doll. It’s still a great 1st sex doll and a real steal at the current price of just $223. However, there is absolutely no neck support, which results in the head eventually tearing off, which is exactly what happened to mine. It’s also flat on the back which means a lifetime of missionary.

Next, I bought the Sexflesh 3D Diana Life Size Sex Doll which doesn’t have an annoying floppy head that will eventually tear off, has some of the best tits I’ve ever felt and you can do her doggy style. It costs a little over twice as much as the SexFlesh Amazing Amanda ($513 vs $223), but to me, those amazing tits and the ability to do her doggy style made it a worthwhile upgrade. However, I did miss having a cute face to look at while I was fucking, so I knew I was ready to take things to the next level.

This is by far the most fuckable realistic sex doll I've ever seen! It's the #1 best seller right now on and seeing this picture you know why :-)I was finally ready to buy a $1000 sex doll, but the one I really wanted, the one I found unfucking believably hot, cost $1800…until May of this year when the price dropped to $1000 to make room for the next years model. I was ECSTATIC! I pulled out my credit card and bought it the first chance I could. As you can see in the pictures here, she is FUCKING HOT! She is so cute and has the most amazing tits, that I get turned on every time I think of her! That’s how hot this girl is!

I’ve had her for 3 months now and she is a true keeper. She’s got a metal skeleton so you could put her in any pose you want. Want to fuck her up against the wall? Do it! Want to pose her face down with her ass in the air? Do it! Whatever pose you want, this cuties does it all!

I love that she only weighs 35 to 40 pounds. This makes it super easy to hide her away when friends come over without throwing your back out. Why would anyone buy a 125 pound doll for $3000+ when they can have this hottie for $1000? It’s beyond me. All I know is that this girl here has been the best investment I’ve ever made. 100% satisfied with my purchase and I highly recommend. Now I know why she’s the #1 best selling sex doll on the market 2 years running. BUY THIS SEX DOLL TODAY!

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