Best Sex Doll For Under $500

Best Sex Doll For Under $500

Hey Guys,
If you’re like me, then you want to keep the 1st sex doll you ever buy under $500 just to see if it’s right for you.

The Sexflesh Amazing Amanda Love Doll
This is the very 1st sex doll I ever owned. It’s the Sexflesh Amazing Amanda Lifelike Doll.

My first love doll was actually the SexFlesh Amazing Amanda Lifelike Doll, that costs under $250. I really LIKED this doll, but the back is flat so its only good for missionary style and the head was so heavy that after carrying it around a bunch of times, it started to tear and eventually tore all the way off one night while I was getting busy with her cute mouth. Which totally cracked me up at the time!

In-between fits of laughter, I was like, “That’s right baby! I just fucked your head off!!!” LOL. I learned the hard way that you can’t get too carried away with this girl 😉 The problem was that it’s such an inexpensive doll that there is no internal support for the head and because it’s so heavy, it’s going to eventually tear off just from carrying it around.

However, having experienced how AWESOME these dolls feel compared to plain old masturbation, especially when they’re warmed up with the right heater blanket, I knew it was time to up my game.

So next I bought the Sexflesh 3D Diana Ultra Lifelike Full Size Mega Sex Doll which doesn’t come with a floppy head that can tear off. It costs twice as much as the SexFlesh Amazing Amanda ($500 vs $250), but there’s no heavy, floppy head AND you can flip it over for some good doggie style action!

This rubber sex doll is perfect as long as you don't mind that it's headless.
The SexFlesh 3D Diana was the second sex doll I ever purchased and for $500, it’s a great deal.

At first I thought I would miss having a head on my girl, but I soon realized that I was always watching porn while I went to town on my doll, not staring into her eyes, so the head wasn’t that important. It was more having that nice warm body that made all the difference. And for $500, this doll truly does feel amazing!

I love that I can get rough with her too. I can flip her over and fuck her doggy style when the girl in the porn I’m watching goes doggy style. I love how I can hold her down when I’m getting super excited and just go ape shit until I explode on her back. Fucking A! This doll ROCKS!!!

The next doll I get is DEFINITELY going to be over $1000, but for now, this doll is perfect!

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