Best Heater Blanket For Your Sex Doll

Best Heater Blanket For Your Sex Doll

Speaking from personal experience, owning your very own sex doll is AWESOME! But trying to cuddle up with an ice cold body is a total turn off.

Soaking Your Doll In A Hot Bath Doesn’t Work
When I first got my love doll, I tried to warm it up by soaking it in a hot bath, but because they float, only one side ends up getting warm. I even tried rotating it after 20 minutes, but then the other side would get cold.

Don't use this heater blanket for your sex doll!Some Heater Blankets Melt!
Next, I tried an electric heater blanket, but the ones that cost under $50 kept having mechanical problems and the controllers kept melting! Here’s a picture of the last control that died on me. Apparently, the cheap heater blankets are just not designed to be wrapped around a love doll.

The Best Heater Blanket For Dolls
So then I moved up price wise and found the right one that heats my silicone doll up perfectly and costs under $100. I first tried the twin size version, but it wasn’t big enough to effectively wrap my girl up right. So next I tried the full size version and it was absolutely perfect!

Here’s the link to the full size blanket on Amazon. It’s the only one that effectively heats my girl up perfectly in under 20 minutes and won’t melt on you – or melt your doll for that matter.

This is by far the best heater blanket on the market for silicone and TPE sex dolls
I’ve tried a bunch of different heater blankets and this is by far the best one for sex dolls.

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