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Best Sex Doll For Under $1000

Best Sex Doll For Under $1000

Hey Guys,
After 3 months of testing, I’m finally ready to share the best sex doll for under $1000. This is by far the best investment you’ll ever make!

$999 Sex Doll:
Best Lube For Your Silicone Love Doll:
Best Heater Blanket For Your Sex Doll:
Best Vibrator For Your Realistic Doll:

As you know from reading my earlier post on the best sex dolls sunder $500, the first doll I ever bought was the SexFlesh Amazing Amanda Lifelike Doll. It’s still a great 1st sex doll and a real steal at the current price of just $223. However, there is absolutely no neck support, which results in the head eventually tearing off, which is exactly what happened to mine. It’s also flat on the back which means a lifetime of missionary.

Next, I bought the Sexflesh 3D Diana Life Size Sex Doll which doesn’t have an annoying floppy head that will eventually tear off, has some of the best tits I’ve ever felt and you can do her doggy style. It costs a little over twice as much as the SexFlesh Amazing Amanda ($513 vs $223), but to me, those amazing tits and the ability to do her doggy style made it a worthwhile upgrade. However, I did miss having a cute face to look at while I was fucking, so I knew I was ready to take things to the next level.

This is by far the most fuckable realistic sex doll I've ever seen! It's the #1 best seller right now on and seeing this picture you know why :-)I was finally ready to buy a $1000 sex doll, but the one I really wanted, the one I found unfucking believably hot, cost $1800…until May of this year when the price dropped to $1000 to make room for the next years model. I was ECSTATIC! I pulled out my credit card and bought it the first chance I could. As you can see in the pictures here, she is FUCKING HOT! She is so cute and has the most amazing tits, that I get turned on every time I think of her! That’s how hot this girl is!

I’ve had her for 3 months now and she is a true keeper. She’s got a metal skeleton so you could put her in any pose you want. Want to fuck her up against the wall? Do it! Want to pose her face down with her ass in the air? Do it! Whatever pose you want, this cuties does it all!

I love that she only weighs 35 to 40 pounds. This makes it super easy to hide her away when friends come over without throwing your back out. Why would anyone buy a 125 pound doll for $3000+ when they can have this hottie for $1000? It’s beyond me. All I know is that this girl here has been the best investment I’ve ever made. 100% satisfied with my purchase and I highly recommend. Now I know why she’s the #1 best selling sex doll on the market 2 years running. BUY THIS SEX DOLL TODAY!

What’s It Feel Like To Have Sex With A Sex Doll?

What’s It Feel Like To Have Sex With A Sex Doll?

I was just answering that question over at Quora, when I realized that there are probably a lot of people that visit my site that have never owned sex dolls before and wonder the same thing. So, let me be very direct and honest with you… It feels AWESOME!!!

This is by far the most fuckable realistic sex doll I've ever seen! It's the #1 best seller right now on and seeing this picture you know why :-)Getting busy with a high-quality sex doll is sooooo much better than just jerking off. The one I spent $500 on is perfect for both doggy style and missionary and it is an incredible improvement over boring old plain masturbation. I mean, let’s think about this for a moment… Would you rather turn to Commander Right Hander when you’re feeling turned on, or FUCK THE SHIT out of this? 100% rhetorical question, right?

Be Sure To Warm Your Doll Up
As I mentioned in my earlier post, be sure to warm your girl up in the heater blanket I recommend for about 20 minutes first though, because I found sticking your wiener in a cold doll to be a huge turn off.

Sex Doll Sex Best Practices
What I typically do is get my girl wrapped up in her heater blanket and then go and find a handful of great porn videos online to download. By the time they’re all downloaded or cached, my doll is super warm and fucking ready to go. Next, turn those videos on and go to town. You can even fantasize about the girl in the video you’re watching being the one you’re currently in!

When the girl in the video goes doggy style, turn your girl over and fuck her the same way. It’s so fucking hot dude!!! You’re going to bust your load in no time and feel so satiated for the rest of the day. Sexual tension fully released.

Are Sex Dolls Better Than Real Women?
Well, I still love my wife and have no intentions of “replacing” her with a chunk of fake flesh, but she just doesn’t have the sex drive I do. Sometimes I feel like if she could reproduce without me, she would! Having kids puts a serious damper on anyones sex life, but I can’t live on sex only once a month or once a quarter. That’s just crazy making! I get so sexually frustrated that I become a passive aggressive asshole.

So, while I really enjoy my wife’s company and our conversations, when I want to FUCK the other 29 times a month she doesn’t want to, I have a great outlet that keeps me monogamous, sexually satisfied and eradicates my sexual frustration. I’d be lying if I told you that my love doll hasn’t been a marriage saver.

My wife even allowed me to bring her into our bed a couple of times for a safe three way. If you can make this work with your wife, fucking do it!!! There is nothing hotter than having your wife lie on top of your sex doll and then fucking both of them one hole at a time. I explode in minutes! It’s ridiculous.

Best Sex Doll For Under $500

Best Sex Doll For Under $500

Hey Guys,
If you’re like me, then you want to keep the 1st sex doll you ever buy under $500 just to see if it’s right for you.

The Sexflesh Amazing Amanda Love Doll
This is the very 1st sex doll I ever owned. It’s the Sexflesh Amazing Amanda Lifelike Doll.

My first love doll was actually the SexFlesh Amazing Amanda Lifelike Doll, that costs under $250. I really LIKED this doll, but the back is flat so its only good for missionary style and the head was so heavy that after carrying it around a bunch of times, it started to tear and eventually tore all the way off one night while I was getting busy with her cute mouth. Which totally cracked me up at the time!

In-between fits of laughter, I was like, “That’s right baby! I just fucked your head off!!!” LOL. I learned the hard way that you can’t get too carried away with this girl 😉 The problem was that it’s such an inexpensive doll that there is no internal support for the head and because it’s so heavy, it’s going to eventually tear off just from carrying it around.

However, having experienced how AWESOME these dolls feel compared to plain old masturbation, especially when they’re warmed up with the right heater blanket, I knew it was time to up my game.

So next I bought the Sexflesh 3D Diana Ultra Lifelike Full Size Mega Sex Doll which doesn’t come with a floppy head that can tear off. It costs twice as much as the SexFlesh Amazing Amanda ($500 vs $250), but there’s no heavy, floppy head AND you can flip it over for some good doggie style action!

This rubber sex doll is perfect as long as you don't mind that it's headless.
The SexFlesh 3D Diana was the second sex doll I ever purchased and for $500, it’s a great deal.

At first I thought I would miss having a head on my girl, but I soon realized that I was always watching porn while I went to town on my doll, not staring into her eyes, so the head wasn’t that important. It was more having that nice warm body that made all the difference. And for $500, this doll truly does feel amazing!

I love that I can get rough with her too. I can flip her over and fuck her doggy style when the girl in the porn I’m watching goes doggy style. I love how I can hold her down when I’m getting super excited and just go ape shit until I explode on her back. Fucking A! This doll ROCKS!!!

The next doll I get is DEFINITELY going to be over $1000, but for now, this doll is perfect!

Best Heater Blanket For Your Sex Doll

Best Heater Blanket For Your Sex Doll

Speaking from personal experience, owning your very own sex doll is AWESOME! But trying to cuddle up with an ice cold body is a total turn off.

Soaking Your Doll In A Hot Bath Doesn’t Work
When I first got my love doll, I tried to warm it up by soaking it in a hot bath, but because they float, only one side ends up getting warm. I even tried rotating it after 20 minutes, but then the other side would get cold.

Don't use this heater blanket for your sex doll!Some Heater Blankets Melt!
Next, I tried an electric heater blanket, but the ones that cost under $50 kept having mechanical problems and the controllers kept melting! Here’s a picture of the last control that died on me. Apparently, the cheap heater blankets are just not designed to be wrapped around a love doll.

The Best Heater Blanket For Dolls
So then I moved up price wise and found the right one that heats my silicone doll up perfectly and costs under $100. I first tried the twin size version, but it wasn’t big enough to effectively wrap my girl up right. So next I tried the full size version and it was absolutely perfect!

Here’s the link to the full size blanket on Amazon. It’s the only one that effectively heats my girl up perfectly in under 20 minutes and won’t melt on you – or melt your doll for that matter.

This is by far the best heater blanket on the market for silicone and TPE sex dolls
I’ve tried a bunch of different heater blankets and this is by far the best one for sex dolls.